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(Hey... super glad you've stopped by to read this page.  I think you'll enjoy the extra bonus lessons I've interwoven into it.)

My name is Jeremy Thomas Nelms, but to me...

JT = "Just Transformation"

YOUR growth & transformation.  And, candidly, MY growth & transformation.

Maybe you think JT = "Just Transformation" is corny...

But it's what I obsess about (in MANY more ways than just physical transformations). 

You can either decide it's corny and laugh at it...

Or take massive advantage of the hours and years I've spent pursuing my obsession, which also happens to include helping other people transform, every single time I can.

Here's a story.

In 2018, my wife bought a book off of Amazon called 3000 Questions About Me that made a dramatic difference in our marriage. It’s freaking phenomenal.

In the past, we’ve purchased a lot of books that have questions for couples. Now we know that we would have saved hundreds of dollars (and been even happier)... if we had just bought this one first.

In fact, knowing what I know now, we’ll never need to buy another "question book" again. It’s transformed our communication, and subsequently, our marriage.

I’ve got it next to me as I type this, and there are some SERIOUS questions in here.

The 3rd question in the book (the THIRD question!!!) punches you right in the stomach…

“What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?”

I remember sitting next to my wife at an AirBnb in the hill country outside of Austin, reading that question for the first time.

You should know that I actually LIKE tough questions.  I thrive on them.  

It's only through tough questions (and often, tough circumstances) that we are able to see the real truth of who we are, what we believe in, what we will stand for, and where we have an opportunity to GROW.

My jaw dropped in awe (seriously). I immediately thought, “This book is going to be amazing.”

On the next page, I’ll share my answer to that intense question.

Before I do that, though, let me tell you about…

The Origin of 'MIJASCA!'

I trained my first client in 1995. She got rockin’ results. I’ll tell you more about her in the future. For now, let’s jump to 13 successful years later, when…

In 6 short weeks in 2008, we went from making just over 6-figures per year helping people drop body fat (and love how they feel again)…

.... to bleeding money at a rate of 6-figures per year.

Let me repeat: in 6 short weeks.  

(Did you own a business in 2008-2009 or know someone who did?  Good Lord... It was REALLY difficult, wasn't it?)

When the economy crashed, Alissa and I were running a training studio and weight loss boot camps in Arizona and Florida. (Yes, we were running businesses on opposite sides of the country. Oops.)

That means:  management and staff and leasing expenses in 2 states.  Ouch.  The crashing economy was BRUTAL.

We lost our businesses. And our home. In 2009, we ended up back in Iraq as contractors.  

(Yes, we had been to Iraq before.  I was the MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) Manager over 14 fitness and recreation facilities that ran 24/7 for the military, on a base of about 25,000 people.  I had a staff of about 200.  Literally one of the most rewarding jobs of my life.)

But back to losing everything...

QUICK LESSON:  Things aren't always rosy.  My story isn't perfect... but that's why it applies to you.  

I experienced nearly a decade of adversity after that, but it became one of those "tough circumstances" I just mentioned that helped me GROW...  substantially.  So if you've been struggling for a while, I genuinely, deeply understand.

(Another lesson:  there’s an incredible blessing here. Because of our 2nd trip to Iraq, we took advantage of being on the other side of the world and decided to go see Mt. Everest. The Himalayas changed EVERYTHING. In fact, you are literally reading this because of that trip. More details in a bit...)

Towards the end of 2011, 99% of contractors left Iraq as the military left. We did, as well. Financially, we had honorably paid our debts.

But now it was time to answer a question… “What’s next for us?”

It was obviously a lot to think about. It was literally the beginning of the next chapter in our lives, and we knew it.

QUICK LESSON approaching...

Now, this will probably be a surprise and may even shock you, but…

By this time in my life’s journey, I had learned a valuable lesson: Goals are not at all as powerful as advertised.

I know, I know… “But, JT, everyone says goals are the key to success!”

Sorry, but they’re not. Think about it. 

How many goals have you set? How many New Year’s Resolutions? How many goals have you actually achieved?

Ouch. (Me, too.)

Thankfully, I have learned that there is something that has to come BEFORE goals.

What is it?

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