We rewrite your ripple. (Manifesto - continued)

What is “the Ripple”?

The RIPPLE ARE your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your friends, your co-workers, your supervisor, your employees, your waiters, your cashiers, your social media friends.

The RIPPLE is your LEGACY… your IMPACT.

Everyone has a RIPPLE… and one of the most powerful questions you’ll answer in life is whether your ripple will be positive or negative, beneficial or harmful, productive or wasted.

As an ADVENTURER who still dreams of transformation and travel, we believe you have a desire to be Meaningful; therefore, we also believe you desire an Adventurous, ‘MIJASCA!’ legacy impact ripple, even without knowing, yet, what ‘MIJASCA!’ fully means...

With Transform to Everest, the RIPPLE IS the influential effect that your life of ‘MIJASCA!’ adventure will have on those with whom you interact. It is the perspective expansion, captured from other cultures you will experience, that influence your behavior and philosophy in how you actively live life with other people.

With us, the RIPPLE IS the simplification of your soul’s values, gained from learning what is truly important in life, as you become more and more exposed to the deepest layers and definitions of Happiness and Joy during your incredible travel adventures around your neighborhood, your state, your country, and the globe.

With us, the RIPPLE IS actively using your transformed mind and body to not only create your own joyful, adventurous experiences, but also to prioritize the transformation of others’ lives as you share the new views and interactions along the trek.

With Transform to Everest, the RIPPLE IS the outward expression of your transformation's life-changing result and influential, adventurous story.

in summary...

Transform to Everest IS...

… for overweight or out-of-shape ADVENTURERS who want to truly LIVE life that leaves a legacy of impact.

… for ADVENTURERS who seek more than “six pack abs” or “bikinis on the beach” and wish to collect life experiences over “stuff” - and, therefore, are motivated by the deep perspectives that truly matter, instead of shallowness.

… for ADVENTURERS who know the truth about the effort required for true transformation - and have, therefore, decided and committed to endurance and consistency of effort, instead of laziness.

… for ADVENTURERS who respect the universal laws of physics surrounding the release of caloric energy and the literal transformation of one substance completely into another - and, therefore, possess the wisdom that a length of time is required, instead of believing the lie of rapid change.

… for ADVENTURERS who not only prioritize the RIPPLE, but also deeply understand the impact of it - and, therefore, understand the profound significance of the dedicated mental and physical effort required to achieve its success, instead of numbly wasting away this precious responsibility.

​And now, YOU stand at a crossroad...

Who will you commit to be?

What will you decide to stand for?

Will you embrace the difficult truth or waste your life on the easy lie?

Will you be Meaningful and Adventurous - the beginning and end of 'MIJASCA!' - or waste your RIPPLE?

If you still secretly dream of Transformation, Travel, Adventure, and Legacy, I personally invite you on an absolutely Adventurous Journey with Transform to Everest.

And if you have read this far and chosen Truthwe genuinely welcome you as a Friend.

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Welcome to Transform to Everest.

More importantly, welcome to your new RIPPLE.

See you on the other side.


~ JT "Everest Manifesto" Nelms

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