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use theabsolute certainty​​​​​​​ of "MIJASCA!" to...

COMPLETELY TRANSFORM your body for life.





I'll explain the deeply transformational power of "MIJASCA!" in a minute, but first please know that...

You deserve to feel fully alive... TO achieve your dreams!

The Transform to Everest 4-step system takes the focus off of diet and exercise and places it on what actually works, so that you finally drop fat and transform ​your body for life, enjoying boundless energy for life’s ultimate adventures!

Most People struggle with fat loss... and MISS OUT on ADVENTURE.

It's difficult to enjoy life's most thrilling, active, and adventurous moments when someone is out-of-shape or overweight. 

Transformation is WORTH the effort.  Don't miss out on your life's greatest adventures!

you become the weight loss hero.
(We're simply your guides.)

Jeremy and Alissa with Transform to Everest

JT and Alissa Nelm​s

After nearly 20 years of helping clients like you lose body fat, we discovered there are only 2 missing ingredients to fat loss.  Right away, we'll show you how to look at more than just diet and exercise and teach you how to focus on what truly matters for losing weight and improving your body.

(Hint:  It's about the unique, permanent, life-changing perspective and deep clarity behind "MIJASCA!")

Would you like to know part of the secret now?   Here it is:  nearly everyone we know has forgotten about the concepts of a BIG mission and an exciting, THRILLING adventure.

You see... there's absolutely nothing wrong with looking younger, or 6-pack abs, or bikinis on the beach, but we know there is more to life than just looking great naked.

Simply stated:  successful weight loss takes more than thinking about how you look on the outside. 

Transformation, getting healthy, and losing inches are about who you're becoming on the inside.  It's about your bucket lists.  It's about accomplishing your dreams.

The best part?  YOU can do it.  

Along the way, you could even win a trip to SEE Mt. Everest.  (<-- NOT climb it! 😃)

how to start your body transformation (do this)

Take the Obstacle Discovery Quiz

The Transform to Everest "Getting Started" Quiz shows you ONE thing:  exactly what holds you back from losing weight.  (Then, we know how to unlock the path, in the fastest, simplest way possible).

Follow the Proven Path

The quiz shows you what you need first. Then, we guide you via email, website, and video.  Ask your questions along the way.  We are 100% here to help you finally succeed and transform.

Transform Everything

Once you realize that we are here to help you transform WAY more than just your body, you'll want to take action.  Jump onboard and apply the knowledge.  Join us and achieve results.

About 'MIJASCA!' and JT (& winning a trip to see Everest)

Hey, it’s JT - creator of ‘MIJASCA!’, Transform to Everest, and the legacy impact blueprint of 'Conquer… Create. Achieve!'

Right now, you’re probably wondering,

“Ummm… What in the world is ‘MIJASCA!’”?

And I actually HOPE you're asking, (because it means you're smart)...

“Who is this guy, and how is he different from all of the other stuff I've seen and heard?”?

I’m going to answer both of those questions right now, because 'MIJASCA!' (and how I'm WAY different) is incredibly important, for both of us. 

WARNING:  the Manifesto below is written from the heart.  

It's serious.  You'll notice the graphics are gone.  It honestly might offend you.  

I'll never intend to offend anyone, but part of my job as a GUIDE is to point out what isn't working...

And with that covered, cue the voice of James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman, over soaring music...

We create Transformed Adventurers. (Manifesto)

Who are “adventurers”?

ADVENTURERS ARE found most often in the home and at the office: creative entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, confined cubicle workers, restless retired achievers, service-driven professionals, dedicated stay-at-home moms and dads; anyone craving a deeper life experience and constantly yearning for the inherent majesty of the mountains, the winding ways of the wilderness, the tranquil serenity of the beaches.

ADVENTURERS ARE anyone who seeks to fully, truly experience life and the grandeur of Earth’s awe-inspiring natural beauty... and the infinite fascination and life-altering perspectives discovered in the cultures surrounding these treasured locations.

ADVENTURERS desire to experience the hard-to-reach places, where only the prepared and determined can successfully collect the breath-taking vistas, the mind-expanding sounds, the mouth-watering scents, newly found flavors, and soul-expanding considerations of another civilization, distant in either geography or time.

Ultimately, ADVENTURERS seek a truly fulfilled, deeply Adventurous life.

Sometimes, however, the physical body is not adequately prepared for what the mind and soul so deeply desire to achieve.

At Transform to Everest, we - you and I, as a TEAM - fix that discrepancy.

Together, as ADVENTURERS, we take a committed, dedicated journey along the Signature Transformation Success Trek, navigating through the pivotal, foundational paths that must be successfully traversed - via careful thought and calculated preparation - before even considering the overhyped and frantically marketed concepts of diet and exercise.

Together, as ADVENTURERS, we will avoid the hollow Siren song of media propaganda and the alluring, digitally-retouched visuals of six-pack abs or bikinis on the beach as the crumbling bedrock of our motivation; instead, you will discover and assimilate the bottomless, inherent beauty of ‘MIJASCA!’ as a Legacy Impact Blueprint for creating and experiencing a profoundly significant, fulfilled life.

Your "reason why" will not be shallow... because there is no adventure there.

Together, as ADVENTURERS, we will understand and ultimately appreciate the true meaning and depth of the word ‘transformation’. You will know that the prerequisite creation of a new mind must occur before the metamorphosis into a new body; that truly transforming from the old to the new is not easy, as the hawking peddlers of “no effort required” would have the rest of the distracted world believe.

Together, as ADVENTURERS, we will know that “easy” does not lead to transformation… or ultimate adventure. “Easy” does not create uniqueness or impact, and rarely has authentic value. All too often, easy habituates into lazy.

Instead of “easy”, ADVENTURERS perform the work required to develop new, effective thought patterns, find and contribute to proven support systems, consistently prepare nourishing, energizing fuel, integrate new performance-enhancing activity habits, and seek new definitions of pleasure and pain, of reward and penalty.

You will not be lazy… because there is no adventure there.

Together, as ADVENTURERS, we will know that to truly transform not only takes sustained, committed effort, but it also includes an obstacle-filled journey that takes time. You will no longer believe the money-sucking, false claims of “quick”, “fast”, or “rapid” fat loss, because you will know that the required quantity of initial preparation and subsequent effort that leads to a lifetime of transformation cannot be accomplished “quickly”, “fast”, or “rapidly”.

You will not covet the lie of fast results… because there is no adventure there.

Together, as ADVENTURERS, we will unpack the soul-soaring symphonic acronym that is ‘MIJASCA!’, which starts with the declaration of a Meaningful life and ends with the life-altering foundation of consistently Adventurous! Habits - that become so deeply interwoven into your experience that they end up developing, deepening, and even determining your character.

We rewrite your ripple.

What is “the Ripple”?

The RIPPLE ARE your...

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